Selfie of Kyle Coon in front of the American flag.

Discovering A Life Without Limits How cancer took my sight, blindness gave me vision, and the mountains let me live.

Kyle speaking at a 06-15-21 Seminar

Kyle Coon USABA Marathon National Championships

Kyle’s First Rock Climb Rappel

If I can do this, I can do anything

Kyle and his guide Alan Greening were featured on Denver’s 9 News after their record setting performance at Ironman Arizona

Kyle featured as an “Everyday Hero,” by Central Florida’s News13.

A story that ABC Nightline did on the Global Explorers Leading the Way Program. This was Kyle’s first international hiking trip and the inspiration behind his many of his following adventures.

ABC World News featured Erik Weihenmayer as their “Person of the week.” The story covers the trip Erik organized with Global Explorers to Machu Picchu. This was Kyle’s first international hiking trip and the inspiration for his book.

Kyle was a surprise guest to Erik Weihenmayer when he appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show in 2003

Kyle appeared in the Orlando Sentinel prior to completing his first Ironman Triathlon.

Kyle and his sister, Kelsey, chatted with Trail Runner Magazine after running the Audi Power of 4 25K trail race in Aspen, Colorado.

Kyle was a member of Team Sea to See, the first four tandem team with all blind and visually impaired stokers, to complete the Race Across America. After completing the race in June 2018, the team was featured on the Today Show.


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