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Discovering A Life Without Limits How cancer took my sight, blindness gave me vision, and the mountains let me live.

Kyle Coon is available for all public, private and online events. Having spoken at various hospitals,

sporting events, foundations and clubs, Kyle delivers a catered speech to his audience surrounding

his main topic: #Eyeronvision. This is a talk about the importance of keeping an eye on your vision,

living your life without limits, and discussing his personal journey of being a blind competitive athlete.

Having Kyle as your guest speaker will impact your audience in different ways. Having lost his eyesight

at a very young age, Kyle can connect with a younger audience and share his experience, expertise, and

the importance of believing in yourself and not letting anything stand in your way. With a mature

audience, Kyle can inspire and challenge as he discusses his journey, his mindset, and gives meaning

to your speaking theme.

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Available for your events, whether public or private, Kyle comes ready to discuss Eyeronvision, his current and past adventures, his challenges and the importance of living life without limitations.

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