Journalling The Road to Tokyo

The Road to Tokyo Journal

Hey there #eyeronvision fans and supporters. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and is gearing up for a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

I’ve been rolling around the idea of doing a day-by-day journal of my Road to Tokyo as I strive to represent the USA. It will primarily be notes about my workouts, recovery and food intake for the day, but I might throw in some gems in there about what I’m actually thinking and feeling. I’ve always struggled writing every day but I’m hopeful that these short snippets won’t be too crazy for me to accomplish and might give you all a little insight into my daily life as a full-time totally blind Paratriathlete. It will also help keep me accountable for keeping track of how I feel each day and will help me plan for each day based on past days. Not to mention I hope to improve my writing efficiency and storytelling ability.
Maybe it’ll also help you. Maybe you’ll get some inspiration or ideas from some of the workouts I do or how I cope with setbacks, injuries and such. Hopefully you won’t get too bored 🙂
So come along with me on this Road to Tokyo!


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