Book Tracking Report 2

Book Tracking Report 2

The Language of Sales
By Tom Hopkins and Andrew Eillers

This book was a free download on Audible, and since I’m always looking to improve my communication especially in the realm of selling I downloaded it.
Overall there’s some good content in here if you struggle with knowing where to start or how to move ahead with a position on a sales team. There was a heavy emphasis on first selling to yourself through positivity and affirmations. If you can’t sell to yourself you can’t sell to others. Overall, this is true and a great message.
There were some actionable steps and examples, but they all seem a little rehearsed and not so steeped in reality. Or maybe I just haven’t been in enough sales situations. I only remember a handful of closing scenarios they presented.
I did like that they mention we need to prepare extensively before approaching clients etc.

Would I recommend this book? If you can get it for free absolutely read it especially if you need an introduction to sales and communication. If you’re going to spend money on a book invest your money into anything that Phil M Jones has a hand in. Personally I listened to his “How to Persuade and Get Paid” Audible original and got way more usable information out of that listen. As well as his books Exactly What to Say and Exactly How to Sell. I’d also recommend checking out his Youtube channel. He focuses more on creating conversations and then does a much better job of breaking down the sales process. But I’ve got one of his other books on my reading list for later this year, so I’ll discuss more about his style then.

Book Tracker: 2/20

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