Book Tracker 11

Book Tracker 11

The Hero Code
By William McGraven

Any time retired Admiral William McGraven comes out with a book you can bet I’m going to get it and read it. His first book, “Make Your Bed” was based off 10 lessons he learned while going through Navy Seal training and expanded upon his viral keynote address at the University of Texas. Then there was his autobiography “Sea Stories” which detailed several of the major missions and the lessons he learned from them during his 37 year military career. And now “The Hero Code: Lessons learned from lives well lived.”

This book details the qualities we see in every day hers and explains how we ourselves can implement those in our lives. Admiral McGraven reads the book himself and the way he inflects, emphasizes, and his overall general tone of voice is captivating. It draws you in and is the voice of a leader. It makes you want to implement his suggestions, especially with his trademark humility. As he goes through the characteristics of hers he tells stories of the heroes he’s met and how they embodiment these traits of courage, humility, humor, sacrifice, and so many more. In all Admiral McGraven identifies 10 traits/characteristics of heroes and lists them out in the “Hero Code” at the end of the book. I personally wrote these down myself and know I’ll be referring to them often as I strive to be a better person, teammate, and leader myself.
If you haven’t read any of Admiral McGraven’s books, don’t wait any longer. I definitely recommend “Make Your Bed” and “The Hero Code” and then when you have time definitely read “Sea Stories.” And if you can read the audiobooks, they’re even better.

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