Book Tracker 13

Book Tracker 13

The Escape

By Matthew Slater

I read this book as part of a book swap with the author’s mother. She got my book on Amazon Kindle and gave it a great review and in turn I got her son’s book and read and reviewed it.

It is a novel about a criminal who’s empire is stolen away from him by his partner and supposed friend. A drug deal goes bad and the main character (Brian) is shot and sent to prison where he stays for 10 years before his long time actual best friend breaks him out in a hail of gun fire and explosives. Brian’s main goal is to get back at his former associate (Tony) and kill him. But first he has to get back on his feet.

He eventually finds his way back to a life of crime, does some deals, gets recruited into a mob boss’s secret inside group and nearly gets killed a few times. It’s a real page turner and action is abundant. The book ends with Brian nearly getting killed but an associate is able to save him and then it cuts to Tony mad with rage murdering one of his associates who had arranged to kill Brian. Needless to say I’m on the edge of my seat wondering when Slater will pen the sequel.

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