• Challenge Daytona

    Challenge Daytona Race ReportDecember 6, 2020Daytona International SpeedwayDaytona Beach, Fla0.5mi Swim, 12.4mi Bike, 3.1mi Run And the rockets red glare,The bombs bursting in air,Gave proof through the night,That our flag was still thereOh say does that star spangled banner yet waveO’er the land of the freeAnd the home of the brave Fireworks began exploding overhead […]

  • Clermont Training Camp Day 5

    Clermont Training Camp Day 5The Road to Tokyo Journal “600 for time… as a relay,” Derick told us as he, Greg and Chris stood on deck.We were 2800yd into a swim that involved 4 rounds of 6×50 at threshold. The first two 50s we’d do on a 45sec base, 2nd and 3rd on a 50sec […]

  • Clermont Training Camp Day 4

    Clermont Training Camp Day 4The Road to Tokyo Journal PRs For BreakfastToday started out with a 7:30 AM track session. The workout?, 1 mile all out followed by 6×200 at 1 mile pace. I’d never done an all out 1 mile time trial on the track before, Zack and I were pretty sure my best […]

  • Clermont Training Camp Day 3

    December 2, 2020The Road to Tokyo Journal Clermont Training Camp Day 3We got today kicked off with a short but hard swim. The National Training Center—where we’re training out of for this week—pushed all scheduled swim times back a bit due to expected cold weather. Understandable since it’s an outdoor pool. So instead of our […]

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