Clermont Training Camp Day 5

Clermont Training Camp Day 5
The Road to Tokyo Journal

“600 for time… as a relay,” Derick told us as he, Greg and Chris stood on deck.
We were 2800yd into a swim that involved 4 rounds of 6×50 at threshold. The first two 50s we’d do on a 45sec base, 2nd and 3rd on a 50sec base and 5th and 6th on a 55sec base. Some confusion was among the team however, which spread to the coaches, so sometimes we were on a 45sec base, sometimes on a 50sec, there were one or two rounds where I swore we did 7×50. Add on top of that I didn’t feel like I had the swim power I’d been having the last four days. I was a little cranky.
We were split into two teams of three. Zack, Hailey and me racing against Melissa, Jamie and Eric. We could divide our 600yd relay up as we saw fit as long as each swimmer did 200yd. So Zack started off with 100yd, then I took off for 100. Then Hailey went for 100, Zack for 50, me for 100, Zack for 50 and Hailey for 100. Our team got smoked. Sorry, guys I just didn’t have my best 100 speed today. Then the coaches switched up the teams. They split us into three teams. Zack and Hailey, Melissa and me, Jamie and Eric. We now had to race a 200 relay. Melissa and I decided to split it up by 50s. I started, then Melissa would go, then me, and Melissa would close. Since we were in a 25yd pool we figured Melissa would gain a little bit of time since she can flip turn.
I apparently threw down a pretty fast first 50, then Melissa took off. Then one thing Melissa and I failed to do was communicate how she’d let me know to go. I think Melissa assumed one of the coaches would let me know, my plan was to listen for Melissa to come into the wall. Problem was, Melissa is a very quiet swimmer. So there was a little delay and I heard Melissa gasping for breath and I knew I had to take off. Unfortunately everyone gave Melissa grief for not letting me know to go. It’s all good Melissa 🙂
I swam as hard as I could but put Melissa in a tough spot to try and make up ground on the other two teams. Zack of course closed with a sub 30sec 50 to bring home the win for him and Hailey. It made for some good laughs and fun at the near end of a tough training week.

The Classic Camp Triple Brick
We met at the same bike path we’d done our tempo and threshold work on Tuesday. The path was flat and straight as an arrow. Today was a triple BRick—Bike/run, bike/run, bike/run.
After a 35min warmup or so we did a 2mi ride at goal race effort/power/pace. We then handed off our bikes to the coaches at a mock transition area, pulled on our running shoes and ran a straight 400 meters at goal race pace. Then we’d return to the start and do it again.
On Zack’s and my first effort we rode strong but failed to realize that we were in the small chainring. We still held better than 25mph and it felt strong, but we knew we could do better. We also mistimed how long it would take to slide our feet out of our shoes for transition, so we cleaned that up for rounds 2 and 3. Then I went out way too hard on the 400 meter run starting out at around a 5:15 pace and yo-yoing back to a 6:10.
On our easy spin back to the beginning of the bike start we switched to the big ring and that brought our speed up considerably while we were able to maintain the same high cadence. We also timed the removal of our shoes better and executed our first flying dismount since March. We pulled on our shoes, the run tether and I tightened up the discipline on the run. Zack tightened up his communication in giving me run pace checks and we kept the run pace at a consistent 6:00-6:05 for the 400.
Finally, on our 3rd round we put it all together and held our best mph on the bike, executed a nice dismount, and held a strong 6:00 pace on the run. Then we spun easy and debriefed with the team.
Everyone had successful workouts and everyone was just so happy to back in a modified team training environment. Derick complimented everyone on the team for not making the same mistake twice. At some point each of us had a hiccup but we corrected it and learned from that mistake or tried something different that worked better.
Zack and I were a bit hungry, so we ordered some Sonny’s BBQ for take out. Healthiest option, heck no! But sometimes you gotta have some baby back ribs, Mac and cheese, greenbeans/bacon, and bread. Yum, yum, yum!!!

I finished out the day by heading to the gym and making use of a foam roller. It was nice to get some shoulder mobility done as well. Then it was back to the room, shower, shave, fuel up and hydrate. Tomorrow we’re just swimming, then Zack and I might spin easy for 30min or so and pack the car for an early morning Sunday.


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